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OK, this is the new incarnation of Jianghu. Sadly, the old one isn’t accessible from China, so I can’t stick with it.

There are a number of differences between running a blog on and running a self-hosted WordPress installation. Plus, for some reason, my hosting service is running an older version. This all means that things will take a while to settle down here – expect to see lots of oddities and seemingly random changes!


  1. Yeah, Jianghu, I follow you, though my motherboard f****ed up, and this time I wanted to use waranity, but had to wait one week. Luckily, my data are safe, but the C-drive is missing this and that little program or setting, so it will take some time to be back to normal.
    You are packing for Beijing, I’m glad I’ve settled down here in southern Taiwan with my Taiwanese wife. After long years on the road to over 40 countries, and 7 moves between Germany and Taiwan, I now even can accept the big celan-up, dasaochu 大掃出 for the up-coming year of the rat. I take it easier this time, floor by floor (we bought a 5 stroy town house, on the country-side), with backyard, dobble garage, and our organic garden (cleaned-up brush land with lyzards and snakes during warmer periods).
    So, the training is coming to an end for this year, slowing down with my 6 teachers (2 were not here for the last several months, one teaching in Xiamen, isn’t it funny), preparing the red envelopes.
    Hopefully I get in some quality time training alone, do some form work, training the gong (power), but also more zz, neigong and sitting.
    I’m very interested seeing and hearing what you will do in Beijing, so keep us posted. Hopefully, we can access all from here, you know political resaons forbid Taiwanese sites for mainlanders, but maybe we still can here from you!
    Best wishes for the year of the rat, bai ge caonian!


  2. @ Baiyiming:glad to hear you haven’t lost your data! You should still be able to read this blog, as I’m on Yahoo! servers now. You will be able to see it with no problem; I’m told it’s accessible from Beijing so, with luck, I will be able to keep on posting! Six teachers? Wow, not bad! I hope you’re a better student than I am… Anyway, happy new year to your wife and yourself – gong xi fa cai!


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