What a weekend…

I need a holiday to recover, how am I going to face work tomorrow…?

As I mentioned, the Piper guys were passing through town for a few days; I managed to catch up with them on Thursday night at a seminar they gave at a local school, and then again on Friday night – after my class with Master Zhou – as they explored Chinatown. Very, very nice guys. More on that in a later post.

Yesterday was taken up with a small part of the seemingly endless preparations for my move to Beijing, followed in the evening by Ch’an meditation. Our sifu instructed us in the different kinds of meditation, and their purposes. I am still hung up on the koan of “What is a butterfly?“. Katz!

Today was the second in my interview series as I sat down over lunch with Madam Ge, and asked her about the Beijing wushu team, life in the movies , and the future of Chinese wushu. Many, many thanks to her for her time – and even more to my gongfu brother Jono, for translating.

A bonus was meeting up with a visiting Taiwanese master, Mr Liu Pang Yao. We had much difficulty understanding each other, but it turns out he’s expert in at least Cheng Man Ching taijiquan and Cheng-style bagua (and probably much else besides). He gave a few demonstrations of applications, which were very, very cool – and which I will appreciate a lot more once my back and shoulder return to normal 😀 Very, very, effective, let’s put it that way! He gave me a few flyers for the World Cup Tai Chi Chuan Championship, to be held in Taipei in October this year. Email tccass at ms35 dot hinet dot com for more info.

Now, it’s home again, and settling back into paperwork before work tomorrow…


  1. @ Ed: Yes, it’s pretty good – but I have to say, I’m feeling a bit stretched thin, with so much to do!


  2. Hi Emlyn!

    Thanks for dropping by, and it’s a real pity you weren’t able to make any of the training sessions we held. I hope you get to catch up with the other guys and do a bit of work with them.

    Those techniques you showed me were hard core, that’s some excellent fighting skills you displayed. Your teacher is also a heck of a guy by what you passed on, and his form was superb. Please give him my regards, and we do hope to meet him should we stop by Singapore in the near future.

    Keep up the training, your Sifu has passed on some superb martial arts to you, and you’re too modest about your ability.


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