Happy New Year

新年快乐, everybody!

The Straits Times today described the incoming year of the Rat as “a year of renewal, a year in which it is good to embark on change. Or  change of direction“.

Well, I hope so. Today I paid for my flight to Beijing. I’m on leave for most of the next two weeks, during which time I’ll be frantically preparing for the new job – and, in addition, trying to sort out what I’ll be doing when I come back to Singapore in the summer!

I’m really looking forward to spending time back in the ‘Jing; apart from the job, I hope to use it to effect a general repositioning career-wise… I hope the year of the (Stainless Steel?) Rat will be auspicious!


  1. Best wishes, Emlyn!

    I still owe you a big one for pointing me in the direction of Zhou lao shi. Gosh, if you need to dump anything in Singapore which you can’t bring over to China, you can put it at my place, if you don’t mind. Cos I’ll not be using my room since I’m flying back to Australia soon. Just a thought.

    Anyway, yes, let’s look forward to a better year! ^^


  2. Enjoy Bejing! 😀 As the baguazhang capital of the world, lots of baguazhang to be learned, if that is your pleasure 😉

    Yin style? You can contact Wang Shangzhi (http://www.ba-gua-zhang.com/) or Xu Shixi (http://www.xushixi.com/).

    Cheng style? There is of course Sun Zhijun (http://sunzhijunbagua.2008red.com/) or Liu Jingru (http://www.liujingru.com/), as well as many others.

    Fan style? You can even learn this very rare style from Wen Dasheng ( (http://www.fanbagua.com/).

    Liang style? There are many practitioners of this style as well, like Li Shiquan (http://www.dcmas.com/) and Zhao Wuyi (http://www.51bgz.com/) (Gao Jiwu lineage).

    Those listed above are only a few teachers who have webpages; many others are available who don’t, of course! 🙂 Anyway, have fun!


  3. Thanks for all the good wishes, guys!

    @Lazycat – offer much appreciated, but I think I’m OK for storage (touch wood!). No need to thank me for the introduction, btw, I’m delighted to be able to connect a serious student with a serious teacher!


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