Duxton Plain Park

I thought I ought to post a few pictures of where I’ve been practicing over the last two years… who knows when the next time will be!

Duxton Plain Park follows the path of an old railway line; it runs from near the port up into Chinatown, running parallel to Keong Saik Road. It’s split in the middle by Neil Road; an underpass connects the two parts of the park. These pictures were taken from the road.

This first picture shows the part where I’ve gone to practice solo. The concrete court at the centre of the photo is ‘my’ spot. The cats like it at night because the concrete retains warmth, which is why I often have to step over prostrate kittehs while I’m doing my taiji!


On the other side of the bridge is the area where Chin Woo practice. They have a sign on the bridge:


This last photo shows that side of the park. The area nearest the camera is the Chin Woo training ground; no-one else is allowed to practice martial arts there, including me! They’ve paid to have floodlights installed here, which are turned on when they are training (they’re not on in this shot). I have my baguazhang lessons with Master Zhou on this side as well, but right at the other end, outside the Chin Woo ‘zone’. The white ‘wall’ on the right is temporary, hiding a construction site where new public housing apartments are being built. By the time I get back from Beijing, they’ll probably be completed and occupied – and I expect the new residents will be complaining about Chin Woo’s drumming 😉


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