Oddly, I can now get to this blog’s control panel in order to write, but I can’t view the blog itself.

Anyway, not much to report as regards this blog’s topics. I’ve been completely overwhelmed by the new job, and am low on spare time and energy. I’ve only been here a little over a week, and already it seems like half a lifetime! Having said that, I can see that my time here will very easily slip away if I’m not careful, so I need to get active. I’m also gradually finding my feet job-wise, so I hope to be able to balance things out a bit more soon, and do more martial-arty things.

However… spare time is scarce, and looks to stay that way, so I need to choose carefully. I think I will be getting in touch with Professor Huang Zhen Huan – his university is just down the road from mine, which may mean early morning training could be possible. Master Sun should be really accessible, as the new subway line 5 has a station near his home, and is fairly accessible at my end. Liu Jingru is just too far away, I think, as are some of the names Ed mentioned.

Anyway, in the absence of any real content, here are some pictures of the Singapore Chin Woo Lion Dance team on the last day of the Chinese New Year celebrations (the day before I flew).










  1. Sounds great! Professor Huang’s taijiquan sounds like very good stuff (I would go for the Tian Zhaolin stuff myself 🙂 ) – looking forward to hearing how you fare with all that! 😀


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