1. Looks absolutely cool. Don’t think it’s very useful on the battlefield though. Such a long blade would have to be hella thick to be strong enough for actual combat, and that would make it ridiculously unwieldy.

    But then again, maybe if the swordsman were powerful enough…


  2. What… is… THAT?! Geez, that thing is huge – never thought I would find a bigger sword than the bagua swords, but… 😀 Wonder what styles use it? (Also, how does one get to that fine store there?)


  3. No style uses swords that big, and I know of one thats bigger. No pic yet but my C.O., old Joe Eisenhelme, has a colossal greatseord in his office. 15’7″ long, with a blade two inches thick and eight inches wide, and a three foot hilt, with 1’10” quillons. It weighs in at 989 pounds!!!!! Some of you may have never even seen a man as big or imposing as Joe and he can barely lift it!


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