Two Suns, one Mi


So I went to visit Master Sun Zhi Jun this afternoon; he’d said he wanted to speak to me about my wanting to study bagua while I’m here.

I had a difficult time getting to his home. My taxi dropped me in the wrong place and, when I asked for directions, passersby sent me in all kinds of different directions. I called Master Sun, but that didn’t really help, as I couldn’t tell where I was! I very nearly gave up in frustration. In the end, someone finally put me right, and I made it to his apartment, half an hour late.

We chatted for a while; not easy, because my Mandarin is so lousy. I explained that I really wanted to focus on the bagua bi, so he called up Mi Jun Pei – by his own admission, she’s the specialist in that, and better than he is himself. So, if all goes to plan, I will meet her at Master Sun Zhi Jun’s apartment complex every Saturday afternoon from now on to train for one hour. Master Sun will also be there, but won’t teach. We discussed the price, and agreed on an amount that still reflects his status, but isn’t as high as the price first mentioned. I really want to work on the application aspects, so this should be interesting.

Tomorrow morning, I’m meeting another Master Sun – Sun Ru Xian – for my first baguazhang lesson. As I mentioned before, he’s from Master Liu Jing Ru’s lineage, and is very good on application. I’m looking forward to it…

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