Small steps

I’m gradually getting ill, I think. The weather’s not helping, either: grey, cold, and raining. Lots of long-term Beijing residents are coming up with variations on “isn’t it nice, we hardly ever see rain” here, but I don’t think so. I don’t like rain, especially cold rain, and especially when I’m walking around with cold, wet feet and trousers. Bah.

Anyway, so, briefly before I hit the sack:

  • Bagua bi class yesterday went well. Made some more progress through the form; looked in more detail at what we’ve done so far. Master Sun (Zhi Jun) commented that my tang ni bu is improving. Mi Lao Shi is pleased that I can do one of the moves fairly well – not sure what it’s called, I think of it as “head dives under armpit”… Master Sun was in a very good mood, laughing more than usual. He was wearing a striped red and black sweater, which gave him the air of a wizened Dennis the Menace (British version, not American). He shook my hand when I left, which he’s not done before. Hmm.
  • After class, I went to the Bookworm, where I’d arranged to meet another of Master Sun’s students. I’d got in touch after seeing a comment he’d left on YouTube, and I wanted to meet other bagua students so I sent a message. I wasn’t sure what to expect but in the event Dragoncache turned out to be a really nice guy; we have a lot in common, got on well, and hopefully we’ll meet up again before long.He’s studied bagua for twelve years, and has lived in Beijing for the last five, so his standard is far beyond mine.
  • Today’s bagua class was limited; we couldn’t train outdoors because of the rain, so Rene and I took turns to go through moves inside Sun Lao Shi’s living room. I’m feeling really crappy and tired, so didn’t do very well, but in any case worked on two more moves from the Ba Da Zhang. Sun Lao Shi and his wife insisted we stay for lunch, along with another of his friends who (IIRC) is also a TCM doctor and baguazhang teacher. H, btw, appears to have stopped coming; it’s too far from where she lives. After the food, we worked on applications for a while, including some tui shou.

OK, time to sleep now. Good night!


  1. Ha ha… I think the Dennis sweater makes Sun Zhijun happy for some reason… You should buy one just like that! šŸ™‚


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