Spreading the meme

Not too much to report. Saturday’s pan guan bi class went quickly; I enlivened the day for Master Sun and Mi Laoshi by vigorously stabbing myself in the leg during one move. It didn’t hurt too much, really! Then on to the Bookworm to catch up with Dragoncache again. He brought along a friend of his, a Russian girl who’s as passionate about tango as I am about martial arts. Very interesting, and beautiful – far too good for a stunted, pugnacious little troll like me! A fun evening.

On Sunday morning, I felt really grotty, as if a heavy cold were about to hit me, so I let Sun Lao Shi know I couldn’t make it to class, and stayed in bed. Eventually made it out and had an interesting time the remainder of the day, but it wasn’t really a martial arts weekend, I must say.

On Friday evening, I caught up with H at the Vineyard Cafe. Like so many others, she’s been caught up in the tightening of the visa situation here, so she’s decided to go back to the UK, for a while at least. She had planned to go travelling around for a month before she goes, but I happened to mention my plan in July-August to take the 30-day course at the Yiquan Academy. Her eyes lit up at the prospect of 30 days of zhan zhuang (ahem, how many other people would accept that as a totally appropriate response? It’s great to hang around with other martial arts geeks!), and she thought that would be preferable to aimlessly travelling… I sent her the URL, and she called them on Sunday. Last I heard, she’s starting tomorrow… She said she’d let me know how it goes and, always your faithful correspondent, I shall convey the news as I receive it…

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  1. “…far too good for a stunted, pugnacious little troll like me!…”

    Aw, come on, Em. You may be Quasimodo incarnate, but you’re still our Quasimodo. /grin/


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