Zhang Guanyu and Yiquan

A little while ago I bought some DVDs at the Xidan Bookstore. One of them was “Stance Training”, apparently one of four by Zhang GuangYu. The DVD drive on my laptop is playing up a bit, so the video and sound are pretty choppy, but the DVD actually appears to be really, really good – just what I imagined yiquan to be like… I’m just wondering if anyone out there knows anything about Zhang Guang Yu, because Google turns up nothing apart from the DVDs, as far as I can tell…


  1. Thanks for the info! I’m not quite sure how to interpret the tone, though (the trouble with text-based information).

    “he has apparently learned this and that from various people” could be interpreted rather dismissively, suggesting that he’s not really very good – is this the impression that you got from your sources? Any idea where he’s based?

    Thanks again, though – much appreciated 🙂


  2. Hmm – sorry, not trying to be dismissive here – it’s just that since I am just looking at one Net source, I can’t really say for sure much about him (i.e. I don’t know people that know him, etc. – anyway, I didn’t know about him before). He could be really good – I have no idea. 🙂


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