1. Hmm – what a coincidence, I would like to learn a bagua pole form as well! (Or any other bagua weapon, for that matter.) Bagua staff/pole forms are a bit rare although they are out there; if I am lucky I may have a chance to learn a bit of the seven star rod sometime soon (maybe next year?)… Looking forward to it!


  2. Just out of interest, can you actually see the YouTube clip I’ve embedded here? Sometimes I see it, but at other times it doesn’t appear, in which case this post must look very strange!

    @Ed Yeah, I’ve wanted to learn a bagua staff form ever since I saw the film Eight Diagram Pole Fighter, which I reviewed on the old version of this blog.

    I went to the Xidan Bookstore a couple of days ago and was delighted to find a VCD on a Cheng style staff form, by Ma Lin Cheng- very uncommon, I often drop by the store to see what’s in stock, and I’ve never seen this before. It’s listed on Plumpub.com – #1022. A very nice form!

    @Yiming: I’m not aware of any problem with the comments – they still go into moderation, as they always have… I’ve just upgraded WordPress, though, so perhaps there’s some new behaviour I’m not aware of…


  3. @Yiming – Ah, I’ve just thought of something – you’ve got an account on the blog, right? And so your comments didn’t usually need to go through moderation? That will have been affected by the upgrade; the new version of WordPress handles logins differently to previous versions. You’ll need to clear all cookies from this site out of your browser; after that, login again and it should work as usual for you.


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