The Yiquan Academy, day 8

Nothing to report. The headache that started yesterday got worse, and I felt giddy and nauseous all day, so I didn’t want to train.

I had an evening appointment in Jianguomen that I didn’t want to miss, having cancelled on a previous occasion, so I stopped at the Academy on the way to pay Master Yao for the DVDs. He wasn’t there, so I left the money with Li Xin.


  1. Firstly I hope you get well soon!
    Secondly, in your book “Chi Kung the way of energy” Prof Yu Yong Nian (follower of Wang Xiang Zhai) made a chart of sensations experienced when practising Zhan Zhuang. Aches and numbness in the neck and shoulders are most prevailent in the first 3 weeks. Could be what is effecting you.

    All the best


  2. Hmm – I don’t think that giddiness and nausea is included as a typical sensation, though, so you should probably just get some good bed rest and eat good food. 🙂


  3. Hehehe, thanks for the concern, guys! I’m feeling much better today! I think there’s certainly an effect from the zhan zhuang, because I can feel that my neck muscles aren’t used to remaining static for so long; more than that, it’s yet another postural issue being uncovered, in that it seems I have a tendency to stoop, probably developed in my hillwalking days! Another benefit of yiquan 😀

    However, yesterday was probably just down to a whole bunch of stress etc catching up with me at last; I wouldn’t think it was down to the training 😉

    Thanks all the same, though!


  4. Thanks, Emlyn, commenting allright now.

    Hope you stay healthy all your Yiquan course days. Though, if I look at Beijing pics, it could be that headaches are caused by smog.

    Going to Europa tomorrow, for some summer coolness with fresh air, lots of Bavarian beer and lots of cheese, that`s what I miss most in the Taiwan heat of summer.

    Of course, also some training, 5 days with 20 people, so I`ll have to chatch up reading, when I`m back. I`ll check in if I get some net connections on the country side. Southern Germany is not Asia, lol!


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