I took the opportunity to not do very much today. The morning passed in sleep, and domestic tasks.

In the early afternoon, I caught up with Kong Cheng, Master Liu Jing Ru’s disciple, and we chatted for an hour or so over coffee. He’s not long back from a trip to Europe, where he taught bagua in Greece, Italy and France, and also treated patients (he’s a TCM doctor). I noted that Frank Allen and Tina Zhang are coming to see Master Liu with some students in December, and mentioned I would like to meet them; that led on to talk about Bruce Frantzis, who Kong Cheng remembers meeting when Frantzis was a student in Beijing. Various other topics, I might talk more about some of them at a later date.

Then on to the Xidan Bookstore, where I bought Mists of Avalon and Man of Aran; no idea when I’ll have time to watch them, though. Also picked up The Dharma Bums; I feel it’s time to read some Kerouac, and to recall my own hitch-hiking, mountain-climbing younger days…

Finally, on to Ritan Park and the Stone Boat, where I caught up with Dragoncache and one of his fellow bagua students, a beautiful lady with a degree, believe it or not, in spacecraft design. Way out of my league! Bah.

My shoulders and upper arms are really stiff today after yesterday’s Yiquan class – good, it shows I’m actually doing some work…


  1. Wow, Kong Cheng remembers Bruce Frantzis? That sure sounds interesting – I wonder what Bruce was like back then… šŸ™‚

    As for the beautiful lady… Why not? šŸ˜€ You do have the common hobby to start with… Maybe everyone thinks she is out of their league, which only leaves more room for you! šŸ˜‰


  2. @Ed It would indeed! However, Kong Cheng said he was quite young at the time, and he only met Bruce once or twice, so no stories to be told, really. Although, if pressed, I suspect he might be able to pass on second-hand tales from older masters. Heh. As for the lady, I should have added that she has a second degree in TCM!


  3. I completely missed out that part about the pretty lady somehow.

    Em, no-one’s out of your league. If you want to go for it, go for it.


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