1. As you mentioned, this probably is depicting the boxer rebellion. The boxers typically used the big broadsword (大刀). In fact, one of the groups which made up the diverse boxers was known as big broadsword society (大刀會) and the female may be a member of the red lanterns (紅燈照), one of the female groups who usually handle logistics etc, but occasionally also participate in combat.
    Not sure if this represents any particular event though.
    Ironic that you a Welshman bought this 🙂 Enjoy your painting.


  2. Hi, thanks for the info! I’ve read about the Boxer rebellion in passing, but I hadn’t heard of the 紅燈照 before. It certainly seemed unusual compared to all the other posters in the shop; I’m glad I bought it. I still would be curious to know what it’s all about, though, I just have this feeling that there must be a story to be discovered if I only knew who to ask….


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