As I walked out one evening…

I went for a stroll last weekend, down the quieter side of the Shichahai lakes – not an area I’d explored until I moved to Jishuitan. And what a discovery! It’s an area teeming with life and activity – not the Houhai tourists and bar-hoppers, but the true Beijing working class living life in the open.

And look what I saw! Very interesting. This is in a public exercise park; the ‘bricks’ this guy is stepping on and around are metal discs, embedded in the concrete.


  1. I can’t see the movie (at work), but I can say that I only found people practicing bagua in a park in China once, in Beijing – except it was really, really bad! Dayum, I never expected to see two young men practicing bagua that was even worse than mine in the baguazhang capital of the world! 😦


  2. Nice, it’s the Luoshu (magic square of numbers 1 – 9) walk, done also with posts in many bagua schools.
    In my rudimentary bagua training, we learned to do first one technique on all post, then opposite directions, then the 2nd technique on all post a.s.o., till you could do the 8 palms on 8 posts, in both directions, Finally, we had to do all 8 palms on all posts, also to change directions. Took a long time, and is still not mastered, of course!


  3. Finally saw the videos – not quite sure what the old guy is doing on the first two, but the last one is pretty good! Seems to be baguazhang, as far as I can see! (Definitely better than those two young bagua guys I saw!)


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