Bagua on hold

After the summer break, I did arrange to start meeting Sun Lao Shi again, but our first class had to be postponed due to rain. Then it was the week-long National Day holiday, when we were both away. I called yesterday, and spoke to his wife. It turns out that Sun Lao Shi will now be away until the end of the month. So, no classes…

Of course, I should still be practising on my own. Now that the semester’s schedule is settling down, I have a clearer idea of when I’m free to do that. I’ve just bought a new bicycle, so it’ll be possible for me to get down to the lakeside in the mornings, which should be the best option, I think. Beijing’s getting chilly in the mornings now, though… 😦

In other news, my shoulders are still aching like crazy after that first yiquan lesson! On top of that, a girl who wasn’t looking where she was going ran into me at speed on her bike, and a big bruise is starting to show on my knee. Ouch! Fortuitously, I’ve just discovered that the pharmacy next to the campus gate sells Tiger Balm, the strong red version. I have bought some….

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