OK, I thought it over, and I’m switching to the small-group classes. This is the ‘individual’ group on Saturday and Sunday afternoons; it’ll cost a little more but it’ll be worth it to be able to stop and go over things, ask questions, etc. I dropped in at the school this evening to confirm this with Master Yao; he’s ok with it, so I’ll start tomorrow.

My shoulders are much improved after the Tiger Balm, and I was able to eat unaided at the restaurant last night! Afterwards we went to the Drum & Bell bar and, from the yard in between the towers, we could see the stars clearly, with Orion’s Belt standing out clearly. The air is so clear and fresh in Beijing now. The leaves are all starting to turn a wonderful gold as well; soon it’ll be time to head out to the Xiang Shan hills west of the city to see the forests there changing colour…

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