The Great Firewall of China has blocked access to Yahoo! servers again, bah! Since that’s where I host this blog, I can only reach it to post new material by going through a proxy service, which is slow and a real PITA. I’ve got an account on another hosting service, so I may have to try migrating everything there…

What’s been up since I last posted? I had my first small-class yiquan classes last weekend with Master Yao Chengrong. Thoroughly enjoyed them. There was another foreigner there on Saturday; a Belgian guy who was there for the first time. He has a background in Sanda, and is a big guy – but he was totally blown away by yiquan. Both of us were astonished by Helena, one of the Chinese women in the class. She’s an English major, still at university, I think, and tiny – the top of her head only reaches my chest, and I’m not a tall guy. Still, from a static standing position, she was uprooting one of the Chinese students, and throwing him forcefully into the wall. To look at her, you’d never guess how tough she is!

I have a rotten head cold, and my knee still hurts, but I think I’ll still go this afternoon. I want to buy Master Yao’s DVDs – 330RMB total for the set of 6.

Last night, I caught up with Dragoncache and, for the first time, another YouTube contact – taijibum, who’s also a bagua practitioner. He trains with a teacher at Beijing Language and Culture University; this is on the next block from the University where I teach, so I’ll definitely drop by at some point. The three of us had a long chat; a friend of taijibum’s is apparently currently training with Alex Kozma in Wales – I’d been wondering what had happened to Alex. Seems like his plan to move to South-East Asia hasn’t happened. As I happened to have my laptop and external hard drive with me (I’d met them straight from work) I was able to show them some clips of the video from the workshop I attended with Alex, and they were impressed!

Taijibum recommended this clip, which I’d never seen before:

In fact, I hadn’t heard of Jerry Alan Johnson. Comments?

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