Wow, a great resource

Run, don’t walk over to YouTube, and to an absolutely amazing archive of martial arts interviews recently uploaded by MartialArtsTV MartialArchiveTV!

Just as a sample, here’s an interview with Bruce Frantzis from 1987, split into four segments. Incredible stuff.

I love the “Take it easy” pleas from his sparring partner in the 4th segment 🙂


  1. By the way, could someone leave a comment to tell me whether the videos are actually embedded in this post? I have to access my blog over a proxy server, which seems to strip out embedded Youtube movies – so, I think *you* should be able to see them, but I can’t check!


  2. I thought that first video was pretty sad. Kumar obviously developed his martial arts to a high level. He understood happiness as being able to keep doing martial arts into his old age in 1987. Because he treated these practices as methods devoid of view, he missed the fruition. He is now too over weight to practice, he is teaching meditation type stuff–but it’s hard to see what his qualifications for that are.


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