While I was living in Singapore, I often thought that I would like to try some acting. It never happened. I looked around for classes, but the only options seemed to be corporate – and there just didn’t seem to be enough demand even for those.

Why am I interested in acting? Well, I wrote about it on the previous incarnation of this blog: All the World’s a Stage. After all, each of us is an actor. All of us are given a script at birth, written by our family and community. Some of us ad-lib, some of us leave the performance and head off to look for a different role…

This whole idea of acting has been on hold for a couple of years. Recently I’ve been getting closer – I’ve been attending Toastmasters, the public speaking society. I’m OK with giving prepared speeches – it kind of goes with my job – but the impromptu Table Topic sessions have been challenging.

Recently, I’ve been hanging out at a bar in the heart of historic Beijing which is well-known for its live bands – and it turns out that Beijing Improv have their meetings there as well. I caught one meeting by chance (as an observer) and it looked fun. Maybe I’ll take the plunge and give it a go…

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  1. I say do the Improv! It looks like the school is Theater Sports based, I’ve studied with the founder Keith Johnstone a few times over the years. It’s really worth doing.


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