On film

Well, Dragoncache gave me a call last week, and mentioned that the director who’d filmed me in June was trying to contact me – apparently, she had a DVD with a copy of the program to give me, but she’d lost my number. I met up with her at Wanfujing, and we chatted for a while… Apparently, the version I’ve got is not the final cut – which is just well, because at one point they’ve included a picture of Huo Yuanjia, and say it’s Dong Hai Chuan… Oops!

Dragoncache is the star; he’s featured a lot with his sifu and his bagua brothers and sisters – and, of course, his Chinese wife, which adds human interest 🙂 His bagua is good; very fluid. They actually show me demonstrating taijiquan more than anything else, though there’s a very nice sequence of me working on the pan guan bi with Mi Lao Shi and Sun Zhijun Lao Shi (including me doing an overhead strike when the bi gets tangled up in an overhanging branch! Ahahaha, not good to do in a fight!). Overall, I’m actually quite pleased with the way I’m depicted, especially given the way that the crew pissed me off at the time. However, it really does clearly show that a) my lower back needs a lot of work, and b) man, do I need to lose weight…. Hehehehe well, never mind. I had to promise faithfully not to put any of it online, so no you can’t see. I think it’s due to be broadcast overseas next year sometime, but I don’t know more than that….


  1. Hmm – hope you told them about their little mistake there… 😦

    Maybe you can use that video to help remember your panguanbi form 😀


  2. Yeah, I will, don’t worry 🙂

    As for the pan guan bi, most of what’s in that little clip is me asking about applications, and Sun Zhijun lao shi showing me.. quite neat actually, not something widely seen, I think.


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