Martial arts declining in Singapore?

One of the great things about Singapore is that it has a very vibrant, very traditional martial arts scene. From my own experience there, I know for sure that there are some great masters around. However, it does seem that the overall age of the martial arts community is increasing, as the younger generation choose other hobbies… Dunno, what do my Singaporean readers think? I’m just writing this after reading this article from Yahoo! Singapore news. Will MMA rejuvenate the scene, or just lead the new generation further away from their traditional roots?

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  1. I dunno about Singapore, but I think that Chinese martial arts are declining all around the world – just look at China! 😀 They are too hard, not cool anymore, and there is too much refuse mixed with the good stuff, anyway!

    Singapore does have a few jewels in the rough still, though – I hope that the younger generation recognizes how valuable what they can learn with these people is.


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