Dance dance combat motion

Well, I’ve been looking into the dance-related elements of systema, and what I’ve found is something called “Combat Hopak”. Supposedly it’s a revival of a traditional Cossack art from the Ukraine, rather than Russia. I dunno, it looks to me like a lot of Asian moves mixed up with traditional dance, but what do I know? 🙂

I met up with Carlos today in Singapore’s Arab Street, and we had a long chat over lunch. We compared his Wing Chun and my Yiquan (such as it is) and found many points of similarity. He mentioned that his sifu knows a form of Wing Chun based on Chinese opera, which I reckon would be quite cool to see!

I always enjoy talking to Carlos – he’s so enthusiastic about his martial arts studies, I always leave our conversations feeling way more determined to work hard at my own!


Just thought I would add this in here, as I don’t want to write a separate post about it: if I’m asking about martial arts with a strong dance element, I shouldn’t forget silat! I don’t know too much about Silat, but I’m aware that it’s performed to music at Malay weddings, and some of its many diverse forms are very close to dance….

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  1. I’m glad you are thinking about this topic too. I’ve been writing about it for a while on my blog. Dance and Martial arts are essentially one subject. The big difference is in how individual cultures treat the status of the practitioner. What’s taboo, what’s praised, what is normal, what is extreme.
    I’m really skeptical of that Ukrainian stuff. Wrestling, duels, and kicking or tripping games I’d believe. I’ve always thought that Cossack dance was a cavalry thing. They don’t look very good either, which is a relief because when someone says Cossack I can’t help thinking pogrom.


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