Amazons of the Ukraine

An Amazon. In the Ukraine.
An Amazon. In the Ukraine.

I enjoy reading the photostories from English Russia, and I thought I would share this one with you! Apparently “a French explorer discovered a tribe of Amazons”, living together and training martial arts in the Ukraine….. I have no idea what the real back-story of this is… Perhaps it’s better not to know. I’m not sure that there’s any good excuse for dressing up like Xena.

Here’s the full story.


Ah, a bit of Googling sheds more light. These ladies belong to something called the Asgarda Movement, founded by 30-year old Katerina Tarnouska, and there are about 150 of them. More pictures and background can be found here.
It seems that they are connected with the movement to rediscover traditional Ukrainian/Cossack dance/fighting which I mentioned a couple of posts ago.


  1. Well, I’m not sure about the Xena-like dressing, but I say it’s great that they’re trying to revive their own fighting culture. If they’re serious about it, that is.


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