1. Hi, I thought of joining Singapore Nam Wah Taiji gong association, to strenghten my body n improve my health, and also to learn some martial art. Will you recommend it?


  2. Hey don’t to too much hill walking and put your back out of shape again after all that hard work relaxing and straightening! 😉


  3. How many weeks of winter vacation you got over there?
    We start at Fe. 16 again, but the last 3 weeks of training and working with the house cleaning, then in our bush garden have really helped a lot to feel much better in shape. Would be great to have more time and train harder.


  4. Enjoy the well-earned respite and communion with family and friends. I imagine Wales this time of year would be cold and soggy–rather like here in the Pacific Northwest.


  5. Hi, just like to share that my progress at martial arts improved after i started back to basics work by taking up Yoga. 🙂 Kim


  6. @jovan Hi Jovan – yes! Based on my personal experience, my view is that what the Nam Wah Taijigong Association teach is a complete and effective system. They don’t do martial applications until you’re fairly well advanced in the program, which bothers some people, but I think it makes sense in terms of traditional taijiquan practice. I didn’t get that far myself, I must say, but Pern Yiau showed me enough to convince me. Go for it!

    @Carlos Heh, thanks for the concern 😛 I did a bit of rambling, which I’ll blog about soon, but nothing too strenuous! That TCM clinic isn’t there in Queen Street any more, btw.

    @Yiming Hi, I start today as well! In fact I have a meeting to get to at 10am, I’d better get ready! New semester, new motivation to train! There’s a blog post about that coming soon…

    @Tom – Thanks! Actually, the weather was great – we had a few inches of snow the first week, and glorious sunshine after that! Only a little bit of rain, thank goodness. It was cold, though, but not bad compared to Beijing!

    @Kim Thanks for sharing your experiences, and please carry on! I’ve been thinking about basics as well, which I’ll write about soon.


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