When I got back from my break in Wales, the weather in Beijing was mild, and I was pretty sure that winter’s grip had been broken… Not so! We’ve had snow over the last couple of days, and the city has been primly wearing its white mantle… I got out on my bike for a couple of hours yesterday morning, and was impressed to see that the cold didn’t deter these hardy Beijingers from working on their taiji sword forms next to the frozen Houhai lake:

Just across the road from my apartment, this group maintained an old Beijing winter tradition:


  1. And was Emlyn diligently out there practising his Yichaun and BaGua? now that is the question! New Years resolutions? CNY has passed right? šŸ˜‰


  2. Yes, Carlos, good question!
    So far, I stick to my new training program of 10 hrs a week, 2 days for myself with my wife, one day Taiji Daoyin, Chen and Yang crossover, one day 37 ZMQ, Sanshou, PHs, 5 animal frolic, sword, stuff and fan, and I just started again with Yin style Baguazhang Neigong, also very promissing.
    Weatherwise, we have reached 31Ā° C last week, today a bit cooler and it hopefully doesn’t get too hot too soon.


  3. Heh, not likely, not in this cold! I’ve got soft… Give me a month or so, then I’ll think about training outside!

    Indoors, I’ve started fitfully, doing a bit of taiji and bagua. I’ve been waiting to see what my timetable’s like. Luckily I haven’t got too many morning classes, so I should be starting a more regular training pattern from this week šŸ™‚

    Also, some of the time I’d set aside for training, I’ve used instead to learn more about systema, and to think about how I can incorporate that into my training….


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