Time flies…

…when you’re having fun, and boy, have I been having fun lately! Apologies for the lack of blogging.

As I mentioned in my last post, work is very enjoyable these days. I’m trying to get some original research done as well in the area of how e-commerce can help sustainable development in rural China; this took me out to northern Hebei province last weekend, and so I couldn’t attend my yiquan classes. That’s ok, though. It was a great trip – an old garrison village, with remnants of the village wall still standing. It stood at the feet of some hills, and is brown and dusty; to be honest, it looked terrible when we got there. However, it’s at the entrance to a goge leading up in to the hills to the north, and so has been strategically important since forever. Walking up the gorge, there are remnants of the Great Wall from three different periods – at the bottom, pre-Qin; midway up, Northern Wei; and at the top, Ming. The countryside at the top is wonderful, rolling green hills that really remind me of mid-Wales…. Sigh… Of course, wonderful as the Great Wall is, I can’t help but think of, and feel sorry for, all the luckless peasants who got drafted to actually *build* the thing…

The Siberian and I are getting on extremely well; of course, a new relationship demands a lot of time, which has to come from somewhere…

So, ahem, not too much to report on the martial arts front. H. brought along a French girl to the Saturday class two weeks ago, and they both decided that evening classes would suit them better. However, the evening classes are of course much larger, and they don’t want to turn up until I can go with them, and I haven’t had time. I did manage to go to one evening class a couple of weeks ago, and go a lot of tui shou practice (aka, got bounced off the walls a lot), which was great fun and had my arms and shoulders hurting for a week. The class was actually extended for half an hour; there were a few guests, and Master Yao had a couple of his top students put on a demonstration. The guests were a hipster in his late 30s/early 40s (I would guess), a very attractive late 20s woman, and a fat bloke with a man-bag, obviously some kind of money guy. I asked one of the other students later who they were, and apparently the hipster is a famous singer in China who’s thinking of training in Yiquan, but I don’t know what the outcome was.

Anyway, that evening was great; there was a little bit of aggro from the young guy I had a run-in with last time, but nothing serious, just that he’s determined to win at all costs… Some of the older guys are extremely cool, and really make an effort to help and explain things. I plan on going a couple of times a week whenever possible – H. & I were discussing this with master Yao, and it turns out that for me it’s buy-one, get one free, ie every time I attend a weekend class, I can attend an evening class free. Cool.

So, I was at class today; there were a few familiar faces, and a few new ones. We actually did a fair bit of tui shou today, which we don’t usually on the weekend. This time, one of the more experienced lads put on a body defender, and when we did tui shou with him we put on gloves, and were encouraged to land punches. I got a few in, but Master Yao commented that I need to relax more, because I missed a lot of chances. He also says that I need to buy a body defender myself… Aiyoh, I wonder what he’s got planned…


  1. Quote: He also says that I need to buy a body defender myself…

    Because he’s fed up of rich westerners using his kit! Esp Welsh guy’s ha ha


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