A dub poet in Beijing

I think I probably became familiar with Benjamin Zephaniah‘s work while I was an undergrad; that was a long time ago, and while I certainly can’t say that I’ve kept up with what he’s been doing in the meantime, I respect the guy for sure.

Via a couple of recent profiles in the Guardian and the Times, I’ve discovered that he spends a lot of time in Beijing these days. It seems that he came to China to study kung fu at the Shaolin Temple: “he wanted to train with the monks of the Shaolin temple in Henan province who he believes practise the purest form of kung fu“. Hehehe, well, that’s a view that might generate some debate, but anyway, good for him. It seems he’s been doing a fair bit of voluntary work while he’s been here.

One of the article also mentions that he reckons the best vegan restaurant in the world is right here in the ‘Jing – I wonder which one he means..? Well, perhaps I’ll see him in the street one day while I’m out and about on my bike, and ask him…

Anyway, I like this picture from his web site:

Monk and rasta

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    Photographer Pogus Caesar launches new UK book. The foreword has been specially written by poet and playwright Benjamin Zephaniah.

    ‘Sparkbrook Pride’ features photographs of Sparkbrook residents and will being launched this spring in the UK.

    Specially commissioned with funding from Be Birmingham’s Neighbourhood Management Programme it contains 70 black and white photographs of people in community settings by leading British photographer Pogus Caesar.

    Residents from the West Indies, Ireland, Pakistan and India feature alongside the newer communities from Sudan, Afghanistan and Malawi.

    What’s of interest, Caesar still uses an antique 1980s Canon Sureshot film camera, remarkable results.



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