Plastic people

Here’s another miscellany of links that I found interesting:

I’m a few days away from a month of travelling and holidays. I’m looking forward very much to the clean air of Wales, and practicing yiquan under the apple trees in my parents’ garden 🙂

I have a great deal on my mind, which is buzzing with things I want to blog about. Not sure where to start; I need to get everything in some kind of order…


  1. Hope you have a safe journey and a good visit with family and friends.

    Don’t just stand under those fruit trees. Circle-walk around them and see if they begin to lean towards you. ;- )



  2. Thanks, guys! The Welsh weather gods had other ideas, though, and there’s been torrential rain for most of my stay here! Even on the few mornings when it stopped, the grass and earth were too wet to practice under the trees. There’s a small patio, though, so I /have/ managed to do some sets of CMC-37, and to re-familiarise myself with the ba mu zhang, as well as do some zhan zhuang. That was nice! Tomorrow I’m back off to Beijing, and then immediately on to Singapore….


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