Taiji. On a horse. Against a bull.

Hehehehe, this is for Tom, in response to his comment 😉

This is Portuguese bullfighting, btw – unlike the Spanish version, the bull is never harmed. Look carefully at the bull’s back, and you’ll see a pad; that’s Velcro, as are the tips of the spears…

I’m having a nice time in Singapore; I think I’ve decided to move back. More on that in another post, perhaps…


  1. Being Portuguese, I can comment on Portuguese bullfight, and set the record straight: No, the bull is not killed, and no it’s not as bloody and horrible as Spanish bullfighting (with the horse riding Picador sticking a lance in the bull), but yes, the bull does get harmed, and sometimes killed after the fight. These “velcro” things are not really used or popular, and generally the little spears are just that, spears with a very pointy tip. The back area where they stick the spear is well-protected, so it’s not a too serious wound, but it does bleed, sometimes profusely and sometimes to the point you see the bull getting obvioulsy weaker from it. Most bulls are kept for breeding purposes, but they can never get back to the arena (they learn too fast…) and many are killed after the bullfight.


  2. Hi Jose, thanks for the update – I’ve done a bit of reading about Portuguese bullfighting, but the books and websites I looked at were, I suppose, written by afficionados… How are you,anyway? Haven’t heard from you for a long time! Will you be coming back to Beijing this winter?


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