Tropical warmth

I’m in Starbucks, just next to City Hall MRT station in Singapore. I’m reading Tabbycat’s latest post, about running, the running shoe industry, etc; as it happens, I’m wearing a pair of the Vibram Five Finger Shoes that I mentioned a short while ago. I bought them yesterday, and so far I’m finding them to be really, really comfortable. I may even buy a second pair.

I’m having a great time in Singapore. I feel really relaxed 🙂 It’s been great to hang out and chat with good friends. I’ve had long conversations recently with Carlos, and Pern Yiau, and tonight I’m meeting a group of my old fellow-students from Madam Ge Chun Yan’s bagua class. Oh, I think I forgot to mention – Madam Ge was on the same flight as me, from Beijing to Singapore! We had a chat for a while, but we still don’t have a language in common!

There’s a lot of background here which I haven’t shared on the blog, but for a number of pretty compelling reasons I think I’ve decided for certain to move back to Singapore in early 2010. In a way, this is a sudden decision, in that even as late as last week, I was still thinking in terms of a couple more years in Beijing. I couldn’t sleep, though, on the overnight flight from Beijing, and as the hours passed and I thought things over, I realized that moving back is the right thing to do. That was a few days ago, and nothing has occurred to me to change my mind. The main difficulty will be finding a job, but… well, fortune favours the brave, right?

If I make the move, I’ll probably commit to studying the Wu Tu Nan line of taijigong with Pern Yiau until I get up to a level where I can become a teacher myself.

This isn’t set in stone; there are people I still need to talk to and whose advice I want, but it’s looking likely….


    1. Hi John,

      Absolutely not! I’ve learned a lot from my classes so far, and the clear health benefits I’ve already got in terms of posture etc make it all worthwhile. I’ll talk more about why I’ve decided to go back to Singapore in a later post; remember, that martial arts is only one part of my life, though – there are other things to be taken into account!


  1. I defo agree with emlym. It’s not a waste he has gain many insights regarding his body structure, relaxation and knowing “how” to correct himself which applies to all the IMA he does even to my style of Wing Chun. So I would say it is a shame he can not complete his Yiquan to a higher standard but it would be a waste if he didn’t continue with what he has learnt once in singapore i.e. post standing etc. As the old saying goes 10% from your sifu 90% from yourself ;-). Everyday you can not learn something new I bet from what he has learnt so far he could practise a few years!


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