Just got back from casualty, after being knocked off my bike. No-one in China looks where they are going, and one of them finally got me.
My right wrist is fractured and will be in plaster for at least a month. More alarmingly, something severely gashed my abdomen, and was closeto injuring the intestines but after many x-rays and ultrasound it seems i’ve got away with 6 stitches. of course the guy who knocked me off didn’t wait around. Seems i’ll be a regular at the hospital for a while! I owe a debt of gratitude more than i can say to S, who came out of bed, met me at the hospital, and stayed with me all night. To be honest, i got close to calling for a medevac to singapore, but i seem to have been patched up ok. there’ll be some stories to tell about the hospital!

So, it’ll be quiet here for a while. No capoeira for me!

I can’t wait to get back to singapore.


  1. Gosh this sounds serious. Take care, man. I don’t want to sound paranoid or preachy, but – something my sister, a doctor, has always told me – don’t be too unquestioning of the competence of the people involved in treating you. This applies anywhere in the world, not just China or developing countries or any such category.


  2. Emlyn–

    Very sorry to hear about your accident, and glad the injuries are not more serious. That medevac would have been quite expensive.

    Thank you, s, for providing companionship for our Welsh knight-errant.

    No, Emlyn, capoeira is not in the cards for you any time soon. You might want to try the deadly art of Llapgoch, though (no intelligence, strength, or physical courage required!): http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/8456/Llapgoch.htm

    Best wishes for quick and complete healing. Take care.



  3. Thanks for the good wishes, guys, I really appreciate it. I’ve had a bit of sleep now and, although my arm hurts like hell, I’m just feeling resigned about waiting out the next month while it heals.

    One interesting thing – I got a little weepy immediately after the accident, but no other shock (and even then, I knew that I was ‘permitting’ it). Goes to show the benefits of meditation and breathing practice, I think… (I suppose knowing that I have health insurance also helped…)


  4. Oh my god!
    Hopefully you passed the initial worst period already.
    I can feel with you, as I know first hand about Chinese hospitals, even our 5 star, super modern, purely commercial, supper E-Da hospital must be very advanced for SEA standards.
    Traffic will be better in Singapore, so maybe you better get there, home, a bit quicker than planned.
    Speedy recovery from Taiwan!


    1. Ha, yes, the hospital was an experience, especially the back-and-forth to pay every time something needed doing…. Hope the worst really is over! Going back tomorrow morning early, to get abdomen wounds checked….


  5. Damn – that sucks! Gosh, hope you get better quickly! (Now is the time to practice that medical qigong, eh?) But really, take care of yourself, rest up well.


  6. So sorry to hear about your accident and glad you are OK!
    – Another little push of karma: time to return to the little red dot (without regrets).


  7. Went to see the orthopaedic surgeon yesterday for more x-rays and a change of bandages; I’ll have the cast on for 3 more weeks. The stitches were removed from my abdomen a couple of days ago, and that all seems to be healing, but all still very swollen and sore 😦


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