Reasons to be cheerful

  1. If the handlebar had pierced me a quarter-inch deeper, there’s a good chance I would have had major internal injuries, or even been disembowelled on the road. But it didn’t.
  2. If the handlebar had pierced me an inch lower, I would probably have bled to death, or faced a lifetime of pain as a eunuch. But it didn’t.
  3. The fracture in my wrist is in a big bone, not one of the fiddly small ones that don’t heal.
  4. Nobody helped me at the scene, but by chance I was only a minute’s walk away from a bar where I’m well-known. If it had been anywhere else, I would have been in deep… trouble.
  5. I was taken to a very good Chinese hospital, the Peking Union Medical College. This means I’ve received excellent care (to all the doctors and nurses there: thanks!) and what’s more, I won’t be bankrupt when all this is over.
  6. I’m getting good at using chopsticks with my left hand.
  7. I was meaning to lose weight anyway.
  8. I’ve learned something important about love.


  1. “I’ve learned something important about love.”

    Yeah, she’ll get out of bed in the middle of the night to come to your side, no matter how bloody or ugly you look or how stupid you’re feeling. ;- )


    1. Hehehe… S is a very, very good friend, and she’s very, very important to me, but we dated last year and it didn’t work out. That last bullet point wasn’t meant to attribute emotions to her; it’s more about my own feelings, which are the only ones I’m qualified to comment on! I think I probably will post more about this when I’ve mulled it over a bit more.


  2. Oh, I was talking about an S, too . . . Sophia, goddess of wisdom . . . she usually comes to visit wearing a wry grin.


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