A phone call

Just thought it’s worth mentioning that my yiquan teacher, Master Yao Chengrong called today; he was just checking up on how I’m doing, and how my arm etc are coming along. Second time he’s done that over the last couple of weeks. Like I posted previously on a couple of occasions, if I miss a few classes he’ll call to check everything is OK. It’s not every teacher that will take the trouble to do that.,


  1. Kuo Lien-ying would call his students at 5:30 AM if they weren’t in the park for 5 AM standing practice! In those days Shifu meant second father.
    I hope you’re healing well too.


  2. Emlyn, are things better, can you do some little training, a bit qigong or cirlce walking? Would for sure speed up the whole recovery process. Best for that!
    And yes, my teachers here check up on me, if I miss a few trainings, especially after my long Europe hiatus in summer. They can’t wait for the chocolates, you know, while I still fight the jetlag.


  3. Thanks for the good wishes!

    My stomach is healing pretty well, though there is still swelling and a fair bit of soreness.

    Not sure about my wrist; I had a new cast put on last Friday, to fix my hand in a new position. In between, I wasn’t able to bend my hand up, or rotate it. That leads me to think that even if the bone’s healing the soft tissue could take a long time – when I hurt my Achilles Tendon, it took almost two years before the pain finally went 😦 Well, I’ll see in two weeks, when the new cast comes off….

    @Yiming I know I should… but to be honest, I feel like a switch has been flipped, and it’s just not there any more. Partly it’s because the new semester has just started, I guess, but anyway, all I want to do right now is switch off completely and sleep. It’ll pass…


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