Things may not be what they seem

Quite apart from the vicarious delight of seeing an idiot being handed his ass on a plate, there’s a serious lesson to be learned here: the transvestite you see on the street may be a cage fighter out on a fancy dress stag night…

Never make assumptions about your opponent.

Oh yeah, and this is in Wales, by the way.

Hat tip to Dylan Jones-Evans for the link.


  1. hi sorry for commenting on an unrelated post, but i was wondering if you know the baguazhang teachers in singapore? The only one i know of is Mdm Ge.
    Thanks in advance 🙂


  2. yep thanks 🙂
    i’ve seen a couple of references to a mr ng in posts before, mind telling me more about him?
    And what are the fees like for master zhou? Cause i’m still a student and not really well-off financially


  3. yep it does, thanks.
    Also, mind telling me more about a mr ng you’ve mentioned before?
    And what are master zhou’s fees like?


    1. Mr Ng is a nice old gentleman who can regularly be found training in Duxton Plain Park. He knows a heck of a lot of different forms, and we would often chat, since we tended to train in pretty much the same places. However, I really don’t know him well, so I don’t know much about his background.

      As for Zhou Lao Shi’s prices, I can’t tell you much as a) he tends to agree on prices on an individual basis, and b) it’s now early two years since I trained with him (eek!) and of course he will probably have raised his prices in the meantime. What I can say is that he’s not cheap, but that I found the price to be good value. Oh, and the cost per person goes down as the size of the class increases.


  4. sorry for double posting! Thought there was something wrong with my browser.
    Anyway, how would one find mr ng? I probably wouldnt be able to take classes from master zhou in that case…


  5. oh i see… I guess i’ll keep looking.
    By the way how’s mdm Ge’s bagua like? Is it more for health/performance, or is there the martial aspect and training of internal strength too?


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