Precious gems

Well, I went back to the Beijing Zhong Yi Yiquan Wuguan today, for my first yiquan lesson with Master Yao Chengrong since my accident. What can I say, it was really cool, and it felt great to be back into it.

It was a small class, with a couple of familiar faces, a couple of new Chinese students, and a French-Indian guy from Réunion Island, who’s here for a month to train with Master Yao. We worked on a couple of postures that were new to me, as well as some stepping techniques I’ve not seen before. I’m pretty stiff, and need to get back into stretching, but I’m still able to open my kua and get some power out, so it hasn’t all gone.

Apparently the Beijing government has announced that yiquan is a cultural treasure to be protected; other martial arts are also considered to be similarly endangered, I think. Those of you who can read Chinese will be able to read more:


I’ve also returned to classes just in time: Master Yao’s birthday is coming up soon and so next Wednesday he and all of his students – including me – will be going for a dinner in Xinjiekou… Should be interesting!

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