Just a late-night thought, subject to further review and revision: yiquan combines:

  • Xingyiquan’s aggression;
  • Taijiquan’s softness, and ‘attack-to-uproot’ approach;
  • Baguazhang’s ‘get behind them and attack the weak spot’ philosophy (though from a ‘spin them around’ POV rather than ‘step behind them’).

In addition, it’s like nothing else in teaching full-body power.

You’ll guess that I had a good class today.

Man, yiquan rocks.

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  1. Hmm – seems about right, since yiquan was basically formed with:

    Xingyiquan as a base
    Taijiquan push hands
    Baguazhang stepping

    …with some modification, of course. Oh, and there was a smattering of white crane influence as well!

    I think yiquan’s hunyuanzhuang is the best part of it – as it is a very well-balanced, yet doable standing posture great for beginners. Often, xingyiquan and baguazhang’s basic training is too difficult with too many requirements at first, I think.


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