Those who forget history

What can I say? FAIL. This is relevant to something that’s coming up in the ongoing “What’s it all about” series, but I want to put it up now. Sad, very sad.

Look at the two lead headlines, and think about what it means.

Privacy fail 1

State to track every call, email and internet click

For added joy: US pressure distorted oil figures, says whistleblower.International Energy Agency official claims world is much closer to running out of oil than official estimates admit.


  1. If someone leaks the private logs of a few important politicians, then this law will change instantly. Actually, the correct records aren’t even needed; just make up some new ones. 😀


    1. It won’t happen, though. Too many people and institutions feel they have a vested interest in spying on us, That’s why I thought the juxtaposition of the headlines was so ironic – 20 years ago, when the Berlin Wall came down, we told ourselves that the Stasi were wicked and evil for their surveillance of their own people. Now we’re doing it, and in a way that they only dreamed of…


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