Fire that fact-checker!

Forgotten kungfu form coming back in fashion“, reads the headline from China Daily.

Yongchun boxing, once a popular form of kungfu in the southern China during the Qing dynasty, is gradually coming back in vogue in Guangzhou, Guangdong province.

“After the recent movie Ye Wen, based on the life of a Yongchun boxing maestro, was screened in Guangzhou early this year, a lot of people have started taking Yongchun lessons,” said a local Yongchun boxing coach surnamed Chen.

Wait…. Yongchun boxing? AKA “Wing Chun boxing”? Wow, if that’s what China Daily calls “almost forgotten”, I can’t wait to see how they define “popular”!

(Oh, and while I”m quoting other websites, here’s one I found via the William Gibson discussion board: Cat-bathing as a martial art….)

(Found via another martial arts blog, but I’ve forgotten where, sorry).

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