Links 19.11.2009


  1. Regarding the link about Krav Maga – I did a bit for a while once. At first I thought it was really effective – reality based and all that – but after a while I noticed that I was always slightly highly strung after each lesson. That can’t be good for health or happiness, which is paradoxical because those very things are what self defence are supposed to safeguard. So now my opinion is that aggressive explosive violence is not the best way to keep yourself safe from getting mugged / raped / beaten up – calm, clear, total awareness is. Krav Maga trains you to be ready for anything by being paranoid, which inevitably generates tension, but I’d much rather be ready for anything by being sensitive, which requires relaxation. So now I do Systema. And a little bit of Baguazhang.


  2. Yup…it defeats the purpose of learning self defence if injuries / stress level increases in the process… we hurt ourselves before even facing external threats (said without prejudice to any form of martial arts).


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