Baguazhang question

Which famous martial artist said this?

I wish that the people practising ‘Bagua’ would concentrate on the double and single ‘chuanzhang’, paying special attention to intuitively perceiving every movement, doing their best to take a more advanced course of training, and earnestly enter into the theory, putting it all into practise for a long time, then they could get close to approaching its essence.

I’ll post the answer in the comments after a couple of guesses have been made.


  1. martialsin got the right answer: Wang Xiang Zhai. (Although he/she accidentally left the comment on the post after this).

    I found that quote in an excellent interview – reprinted, along with lots of other really interesting stuff, at A Quan-Shu Manuscript. Here’s the link. He’s certainly pretty scathing about taijiquan:

    For combat, it harms the practitioner’s limbs and trunk, and causes the useful body to become a mechanical and stiff thing, it also disturbs the student’s nerves, and is nothing more than wasting one’s time. As for its method of training, a punch with a fist here, a slap with the palm there, a kick to the left, and another one to the right, that is pitiful and laughable.

    As for dealing with an enemy in a fight, against a master-hand, please do not even consider it, if the adversary is not stiff and sluggish, even the famous masters of this boxing have no chance to apply their skills.


  2. WXZ pioneered the “Bullshido” mentality decades before the Internet forum of the same name. Of course, one should consider his opinion in light of the fact that WXZ himself never fought one of the “famous masters” of taijiquan.


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