Into the mood

Now that my arm is healing, I’ve started going to Beijing Improv again; I went to the workshop last night for the second week in a row. Last week, for some reason, there was a very small turnout, and personally I wasn’t in a very creative mood, so it was OK but not great. Last night, however, rocked; there was a good turnout, mostly Chinese (the workshop sessions are bilingual), and there was a real buzz. There were very few poseurs, the kind who don’t act, but play the part of someone acting, if you see what i mean. Pretty much everyone there threw themselves into it, building up a group energy that was really rewarding.

Since there weren’t many foreigners on this occasion, I got to play a part in most of the English sections, and was reminded why I’ve taken so much to improv; it’s fascinating to attempt to turn emotions on and off as required, to see which ones are easy and which difficult, which ones come most naturally, and to ponder why that may be…


    1. Yes – I have a copy here in Beijing! Amazing book, particularly the sections on masks and trance; in many places it’s clear that he’s talking about qi, though by another name…


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