Something new every day

I learned a new word today: cognotechnology. As a self-professed cyberpunk mystic, it embarrasses me that I’d never seen this term before! It came up because, curious about the questions raised by some guy about the economy of Detroit I wanted to find the answers. It turns out that:

Firms in the suburbs pursue emerging technologies including biotechnology, nanotechnology, information technology, cognotechnology, and hydrogen fuel cell development. The city of Detroit has made efforts to lure the region’s growth companies downtown with advantages such as a wireless Internet zone, business tax incentives, entertainment, an international riverfront, and residential high rises. Thus far, the city has had some success, most notably the addition of Compuware World Headquarters, OnStar, EDS offices at the Renaissance Center, PricewaterhouseCoopers Plaza offices adjacent to Ford Field, and the 2006 completion of Ernst & Young’s offices at One Kennedy Square.

I really do find that interesting since, as previously mentioned, I’m worried about peak oil, peak gold, peak phosphates, peak water, peak fish, and well, do I really need to go on? (Actually, I’ve been following stories from Detroit for some time).

It must be said that being an internet guy is likely to have benefits (potentially) in a period when travel is likely to get much more expensive because of fuel costs; demand for on-line collaboration and e-learning is likely to escalate, and that’s good for me.

However, the general reversal of globalization is likely to be bad for a lot of people… As oil and water become scarce, and government tax revenues dry up leaving them helpless to intervene… well, there’s going to be lots of unhappy people. The anger is just beginning to surface… and regardless of which country you’re in, there are plenty of challengers to the state

Is this (y)our future?

China’s running out of water, Singapore can’t feed itself, the UK is turning into a police state. Yikes. Where to go? What to do? Too late to train to be a plumber. Maybe martial arts, TCM, and acting (thus, an entertainer) are survival strategies

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