Links 13-12-2009

  • Food shortages threatened in near future – climate change, population growth, water shortages, and the spread of diseases mean a “perfect storm” is brewing for food supplies. Note the threat of riots.
  • Russian analyst Dmitri Orlov made his name with his predictions of US collapse and disintegration, pointing out that this is being driven by the same forces that brought an end to the Soviet Union – with the difference that the ex-Soviet states were far better prepared to endure collapse than the US is… Here he gives his end-of-year view of what will happen to the US in the 2010s. The prospect of American forces being left stranded in Afghanistan just as the Greeks of Alexander the Great’s army were left stranded there when it was called Bactria, almost 2500 years ago, is one of those historical parallels that would seem outrageous if you read it in a novel, and yet…

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