Circles at the centre

I caught up with Kong Cheng last night. We met near the Drum Tower for a couple of hours and chatted about his trip to Europe, and about mutual acquaintances. We also chatted about various books about baguazhang; it turns out that he’s got plans to write a book in English for more advanced practitioners. I was urging him to start blogging, so maybe he will…

I’m going to start training with him next week. It will only be for a few classes, as he’ll be away in January, and I’ll probably be in Singapore for a lot of February. That reminds me, I ought to say something about my plans for next year; never mind, that’s for another post. Anyway, as for the bagua classes, it’s more than a year since I trained in bagua, and I’ve had a lot of insights through my yiquan training, so I want to start again at the very beginning, with tang ni bu, and then build up again.

We discussed various locations for the training, and settled on Zhongshan Park, on the western side of the Forbidden City. That’s thematically appropriate, since it’s named after Sun Yat-Sen, who I was just talking about in my last post! Apparently it’s one of the most central locations of Beijing, so there’s a certain appeal to ‘circling the city’s axis’, as it were…

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  1. Great to hear that baguazhang is still calling you! 😀

    If you like yiquan, you can just do baguazhang while imagining that it has no forms and weapons… for a few years, anyway 😀


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