10 days to change my genes

Aahhh… I received an email last night: confirmation that I have a place on a 10-day Vipassana retreat in Thailand. This is run by S. N. Goenka’s Foundation. I’ve been twice before – in 2005 (when I didn’t benefit much, having busted my Achilles Tendon shortly before), and in 2004 (which was an amazing experience, as I’ve written here many times!). Four and a half years on (AAAAAHHHHHHH! Where did the time go????) I am definitely ready for another period of intense practice!

It could be more than just a mental and karmic cleansing, as well… Dojo Rat recently linked to scientific research that demonstrates a link between meditative practice and an observable genetic change in the the practitioner. This actually comes as no surprise, I must say – in fact, it supports what I’ve been trying to say about yi, qi and the body in recent discussions…

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