Hidden dragons

Not being part of the ‘martial arts scene’, I had never heard of the Red Junks until Carlos put his web site up. I’m not sure whether they are well-known to other people or not…

However, the Red Junk Opera Company, or Hongchuan Xiban, have been intriguing me recently. I haven’t found much that gives a good history, though.

This is just a placeholder for a train of thought that’s developing; I may blog about it later.


  1. Hi Emlyn,

    Try googling in Chinese. 红船戏班 (hong chuan xi ban). Something brief from the Chinese Wiki popped up – the translation is not that wonderful, but understandable i guess…

    I watched a Chinese martial arts serial centred on this Opera Troup. I remember it had Wing Chun martial arts in it….can’t recall the title of the series now.


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