Video night in the Jianghu

Here are a few clips that have entertained me or provoked thought lately.

I think of this one as A Dream of the Red Junks. I linked recently to a post of John Robb’s, in which he advocates the development of your own tribe; a train of thought that he followed up here and here. I see this being an important train of thought since, by the time I’m 70 or so, I expect that the world to be very different indeed from what we know now, and support networks will be essential. That being the case, and looking at the skill sets that I either possess or am trying to acquire, the Red Junks look like a reasonable role model – people will always need entertainment…

So, that brings us to “The World’s Most Talented Man”, found via the Emptyflower forums:

What an entertainer!

Here’s a video of that Systema seminar in Kuala Lumpur that I mentioned in my last post:

Systema instructors all seem to understand the value of showmanship… 😉

For fun, here’s a bit of parkour in Beijing:

And to get you thinking… How is it that all these urbanites get fed?

Oh, and by the way, rising temperatures have pushed major Antarctic glaciers past their tipping point, which is not good if you live in a low-lying coastal area… This particular source isn’t one that I would regard as academically reputable but this post does tie together a number of issues that have flashed up on my radar over the past few months: Will 2010 Be The Year The World Runs Out Of Food?Don’t say you didn’t see it coming“.


    1. Thanks for the heads-up, Scott! I’ve got a Flash blocker installed in Firefox, and it seems that this was picked up by YouTube when it generated the ‘Embed’ code… and I didn’t notice!

      I’ve fixed it now, so you should be able to see them. I think you’ll enjoy the first one in particular!

      The ‘Parkour in China’ clip isn’t the one I’d originally used, but a better one. It seems that ‘Parkour fever is sweeping China‘. Modern China is developing into a crazy place…


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