Here are some of the books that I bought while I was in Singapore. I don’t have time right now to write about them, but together they’ve kicked off a train of thought that I’ll go over in a post soon.

The Complete Taiji Dao: The Art of the Chinese Saber (Zhang Yun)

Martial Maneuvers: Fighting Principles and Tactics of the Internal Martial Arts (Phillips Starr)

Jumping Into Plyometrics (Donald A. Chu)

Psychophysical Acting: An Intercultural Approach after Stanislavski (Phillip B. Zarrilli)

Body Voice Imagination: ImageWork Training and the Chekhov Technique (David Zinder)

The Six Healing Sounds: Taoist Techniques for Balancing Chi (Mantak Chia)


  1. Off topic:

    Finally, the northern sandstorm you showed us pictures off, has reached Taiwan and brought the worst sencrio and air quality (1700 particles in stead of 70 on normal days) of many years.

    I just cannot see Beijing as a liveable place anymore, winters so bad, and then the sands from Gobi and elswhere. How did you survive last week’s yellow brownish Beijing? How did you train?

    Awaiting the southern hot winds of our summer, much better than the dirt of mainland China, lol!


    1. Hehehe, I often find myself asking the same questions! My training is all indoors at the moment, since I’m not meeting Kong Cheng, but life in Beijing does seem to be getting more, not less, difficult. I suppose I stay here because of my teacher(s), and because professionally the oportunities are greater, certainly better than seem to be available in Singapore (unfortunately!). If you hear of any vacancies in Taiwan for award-winning business lecturers, with experience in implementing e-learning (Moodle) systems, I’d love to hear, though 🙂


    1. Well, I usually went to the martial arts shop on the 2nd level of the Bras Basah Centre; it’s on the outside balcony of the building, rather than the central well. I can’t remember their prices, though – pretty reasonable, but it depends on the quality, of course.


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