Getting the point

Wow. Wow. Wow, Thinking through Yao Lao Shi’s comments in my last class, I’ve just had an insight into Cheng style bagua. It’s got nothing at all do do with the palms. I’m suddenly seeing the ‘dragon palm’ in a new light.


Sorry to those who already knew this, I’m a slow learner.


  1. Please . . . don’t . . . leave . . . us . . . in . . . suspense. ;- ) What is your new insight into “dragon palm,” and how is it connected to fingertips?! Don’t go all Ch’an on us all of a sudden . . .


    1. Hehehe, it was pretty cryptic, wasn’t it! Sorry about that! It was just that Master Yao demonstrated in class how the outstretched fingers can be stabbed towards your opponent’s eyes to make him lose his root. Plus, I realized that the “small balls between the fingers” stretching that we use in zhan zhuang, like Cheng bagua’s ‘dragon claw’ palm, is strengthening the fingers so that they can be used for gouging and poking. I’d been so fixated on the use of the palm for strikes that I’d not considered the use of fingertips. Thinking about it now, Master Zhou Yue Wen showed me that in Singapore, I’d just forgotten.

      There you are, nothing that you didn’t know already, I expect, just me being thick!


  2. I have experienced the effect of the finger tips, using a type of loose slapping palm action leaving multiple round bruises. But this is more of a relaxed springy power than a supposed finger jab. Like if you palm heal to the face the fingers will “bounce” forward, you wouldn’t bend them back, it is surprisingly painful. Have someone slap you on your forearm and you’ll see, or next time your in SIngapore I’ll kindly demostrate on you but it may take a few attempts, ha ha.


  3. In Wing Chun what explained above is taught as an application for Bil Jee, Shooting fingers, doing this also makes your attacker blink and jerk/flinch his head. That’s if I get your drift?


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